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Agro Starís base of operations is in Israel at it is here that her agricultural roots are firmly embedded. The staff and personnel of Agro Star are all members of the Israel agricultural sector. Agro Star exports from Israel focuses on a wide and diverse range of products including 22 varieties of fresh herbs, avocado, strawberries and more.
A combination of sophisticated, applied science, rugged determination and government support have helped Israelís farmers to modernize and adapt to changing geopolitical, market and climatic conditions, giving them a strong base from which to proceed in the coming decades. Israelís agriculture continues to thrive, and supplies most of the countryís food needs, though profitability in export sectors has declined sharply in recent years. Among the numerous problems the crop-growing sectors have contended with since the State was founded, water scarcity remains the principal - and growing - threat. Nevertheless the ongoing introduction of new and recycled water sources, coupled with altered irrigation methods and more water-efficient crops, promises long-term security.
Today, agriculture represents a mere 2.4 percent of the Gross Domestic Product and four percent of exports, compared to 30.3 percent of exports during the 1960s - the heyday of the famous Jaffa orange. Nevertheless, despite the decline in its importance relative to other economic branches, agriculture has grown in absolute terms and played an important part in Israelís economy for over five decades.
Agricultural output in 2000 was worth about $3.3 billion, of which 20 percent was exported. Exports brought in seven percent less than the previous year, due to a combination of foreign currency fluctuations (i.e. lower shekel prices) and smaller quantities. The price of inputs climbed 10 percent in 1998-2000, to about $2.2 billion.
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