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Agro-Star is a privately owned marketing brand specializing in the export and sales of fresh agricultural produce around the world.
Agro-Starís activities span a wide array of produce and stretch over a diverse range of markets and supply sources.
Agro-Star is primarily involved in the trading and purchasing of fresh agricultural produce from contract growers located in Israel, Central and South America, and West Africa. Export and trading activities are carried out primarily in markets in Western Europe; Holland Germany and France, and in The United States and Canada.
As part of its operational infrastructure, Agro-Star operates a wholly owned subsidiary company in Peru. íBMP EXPORT SACí is devoted to the export of fresh agricultural produce including; grapes, mango, avocado and citrus to customers in Europe and The United States. Agro-Starís international spread enables the supply of fresh quality produce on an all-year around basis and provides our customers with continuous supply sources of prime agricultural products from locations on both sides of the equator.

Agro-Starís product range includes the following items: 25 varieties of top quality fresh herbs such as; Basil, Chives, Mint, Chervil, Thyme, Tarragon and many more. Bell peppers, citrus fruit, Litchi, Mango, Strawberries, Avocado, Bananas and Asparagus.
Agro-Star operates its worldwide activities from Israel where it is based, with representative offices and JV associations in The United States, Holland, Peru, Nicaragua and Mexico.
Agro-Star values its long standing relationship with the growers who form the backbone of its activities, and whose production procedures are monitored from the growing and post-harvesting procedures at the farm locations, through the packing, loading and transportation to the end customer. All the growers affiliated with Agro-Star are either GlobalGap or EurepGap certified.
Agro-Star has incorporated the development of agricultural projects into its business strategy and provides growers around the world with the knowhow and assistance in establishing greenhouses and other production facilities. Agro-Star provides turnkey project services including design and planning, equipment and finance procurement and technical management support and assistance. Agro Star combines its project development experience with its sales and marketing capabilities, placing it in a unique position to provide a full range of services from the planning and building of the farm to the marketing of the farmís produce to the end customer.
Agro-Star is committed to maintaining high standards of excellence and has incorporated stringent and effective quality control methods into its operational procedures. The ultimate objective of Agro-Star is to serve the needs of its customers and provide them with finest quality of fresh agricultural produce available at any given time.
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