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This healthy and rich tasting fruit is in high demand in markets throughout Europe and Agro Star supplies a number of varieties from avocado farms located in Peru and in Israel.
Available varieties from Peru are: Fuerte and Haas.
Available varieties from Israel are: Ettinger, Fuerte, Haas and Arad.

The avocado (Persea americana), aguacate (Spanish), butter pear or alligator pear, is a tree native to the Caribbean, Mexico,[1] South America and Central America, classified in the flowering plant family Lauraceae along with cinnamon, camphor and bay laurel. The name "avocado" also refers to the fruit (technically a large berry that contains a large seed[2]) of the tree which may be egg-shaped or spherical.

Avocados are a commercially valuable fruit and are cultivated in tropical climates throughout the world (and some temperate ones, such as California), producing a green-skinned, pear-shaped fruit that ripens after harvesting. Trees are partially self-pollinating and often are propagated through grafting to maintain a predictable quality and quantity of the fruit.





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